top seven tips for staying organized and focused while studying

1. Check List

Make a checklist for each class you are taking on this checklist make sure to write down everything that you have to read, summarized and studied. Write down all your assignments, deadlines, homework, required reading and lectures and at the end of the day you will have our view of everything and you have done ready and you will know exactly what you should do to catchup

2. Always keep your planner open on your desk.

Organize yourself by creating time slots. Block out time for your lecture, time for your self, time to exercise and all other things for you have to be present. It should be always on your desk or a place in your room most visited so you will never lose track what to be get done whenever your planner is not close or in another room you will be less focused on your task and it also take more time to finish that task so always keep your planner on your desk.

3.Organising study material

We always look for planning and checklist but our filling system is horrible hence we couldn’t find our notes at one place when we are preparing for the test filling system will help us to get all our notes at one place at the end of each week transfer all the notes to the respective subject binder.

4.Lable sections in your book.

Simply use a page flag and writedown a section on that page for example:- lecture note, summary, etc.

5.Organizing and tidying.

Organizing is also cleaning and tidying. If your study area is not tidy it is very easy to get distracted and it is also more likely you lose things or you can’t find things and this is why I recommend clean up for 5 minutes before each study session.

6.Declutter Once a week.

Make sure you only have the necessary items on your desk try to remove other things that you won't need anymore for example:-todo list,documents you don’t need anymore or page flag.

7. Take breaks.

Taking a break while studying helps our mind to stay fresh and focused. studying a particular subject for a longer time will bore any student so taking a break and switching to another subject will be very effective. Just get up from your desk take a walk, stretch or listen to music. Take a break for a while and get back to work.


Dakshata Sawant