top seven chakras and their importance in your life

1. Muladhara (The root chakra)

It represents our foundation. It sits at the base of the spine, giving us the feeling of being grounded. It makes us feel confident in our ability when root chakras are open and when blocked we feel threatened. Location: Tailbone area; Its significance: Survival issues, money and food; Colour: Red; Element: Earth; Stone: Hematite; Development period: 1-7 years old.

2. Swadhisthana (the sacral chakra)

It controls the emotional part of us, also controls creativity and sexual energy. If your sacral chakra is blocked you could feel a lack of control in your life. Location: lower abdomen, approx. 2 inches below the navel; Its significance: Your sense of well-being, and sexuality; Colour: Orange; Element: Water; Stone: Tiger’s Eye; Development period: 8-14 years old.

3.Manipura (The solar plexus chakra)

It speaks to your ability for being confident. Think back to the last time you had butterflies in the stomach: that’s Manipura chakra. If it's blocked, you might feel overwhelming amounts of self-doubt. Location: Upper abdomen (Stomach area); Its significance: Self- confidence, self- esteem, and self- worth; Colour: Yellow; Element: Fire; Stone: Amber; Development period: 15-21 years old.

4. Anahata (The heart chakra)

The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower chakras and upper chakras. This chakra can influence your ability to give and receive love. If you have a blocked heart chakra then you’ll find difficulty in opening fully. And if your heart is open then you can experience deep empathy. Location: Just above the heart(center of chest); Its significance: Joy, inner peace, and love; Colour: Green; Element: Air; Stone: Rose Quartz; Development period: 21-28 years old.

5.Vishuddha (The throat chakra)

It gives voice to the heart chakra controls our ability to communicate. If it is functioning in full capacity, it allows us to express ourselves clearly. If it is blocked then one will not find words to say what they feel Location: Throat; Its significance: Communication and truth; Colour: Turquoise; Element: Music; Stone: Aquamarine; Development period: 29-35 years old.

6.Ajna (The third-eye)

As we move up the body, we’re getting closer to communication with the divine. This chakra controls our connection with intuition. Kind off the eye of the soul. Location: Forehead between the eyes; Its significance: Intuition, imagination, and wisdom; Colour: Purple; Element: Light; Stone: Amethyst; Development period: 36-42 years old.

7. Sahasrara (The crown chakra)

This chakra is the highest chakra, sits at the crown of the head and controls the ability to be connected spiritually. Very few people have fully open crown chakra, and if it is open you’re able to access higher consciousness. Location: Top of the head; Its significance: Spiritual connection; Colour: Violet; Element: Divine Consciousness; Development period: 43-49 years old.


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