Top seven ways to overcome negative thoughts in this COVID-19 pandemic

1. Love Yourself a little more

We all know that this is a tough time as Corona and many other unforeseeable things are going on this year, and we are all suffering through it. There is no doubt that negative thoughts are coming to your mind, which makes you feel low. Loving yourself can be the best healing agent on this pandemic. It's mostly about doing things that give you inner peace. Seek to make timetables according to your priorities, considering this as a short break from your life. Self-love is all about the attraction of positivity.

2. Creating small daily targets and achieving them

The amount of negative news coming from the surroundings may hinder the growth of your thoughts. Setting up small goals is very important to stay happy. These can be very simple, like finishing a mandala art or recording a music cover. These small goals will keep your mind away from negativity all the time, and you will always be filled with different works. It's also important to reward yourself after finishing your targets. This little thing can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

3.Celebrating small events and finding happiness

Instead of complaining that nothing good is happening, try to create your own happy moments. This quarantine has brought us together after so many years. Well, given a chance to celebrate with your family, why miss it. These small moments can make a huge difference in your thinking. A happy and pleasant atmosphere is also essential to keep ourselves positive. Try to include a large number of people in your celebration as all of us are going through hard times. Spread love and happiness.

4.Maintaining a balanced lifestyle

Since this quarantine started, many of us have forgotten their sleep pattern. Proper sleep is essential if a day is to remain psychic and energetic. See this lockdown is about to end so we need to make improvements in our routine otherwise it will be very hard for us to get back on track. Along with proper sleep, exercise and nutritious food are also helpful to stay away from the toxic environment. It's never too late today to plan a balanced schedule and inspire others to do so.

5.Helping others and being kind

As we all know this pandemic is affecting the entire world and thus the rate of misery is very high. So try to keep a track of our friends and family members, along with self-care. Increasing mental stress and poverty affects many people, and so try to be kind and helpful to all those in need. Not to forget to look after and support street animals too. After all, it is our unity and integrity that will bring us out of this disaster.

6.Staying away from toxic content

Since this quarantine, we have barely seen any positive news on any news channel, and a continuous bombing of such serious news can affect your mental health. It's nice to be notified, but try to avoid looking at it for a whole day. Instead, read some positive news that is going on around the world. Many universities have launched an online tutorial to educate people in this quarantine. Use this as an opportunity to learn the skills and subject you have always wished for. Today's learning is tomorrow's earnings.

7. Manipulating your negative thoughts

Manipulating your negative thoughts and using it to your advantage is the best hack to deal with it. Thoughts are super random, so we can't stop their entries, but we can guide them. Every time such a gloomy storm hits you start counteracting it with a more optimistic attitude. You will start realizing your strengths and gaps that you left behind while moving ahead in yours. Thoughts and observations are never negative but what counts in the end is how we use them for our growth.


Parth Toraskar