Top seven reasons to binge watch STRANGER THINGS, an Original Netflix series.

1. The 80’s feeling

The show creates an atmosphere of the 1980s not only in terms of the era but also the aesthetic style itself. It shows that decade of kids playing D&D, riding bicycles and exploring the woods together before cell phones and social media. The costume design is amazingly similar to that of 80’s style. You will love the cinematography and the way it transports you back in time. You will explore what the 80’s felt like and get to live or relive it.

2. Eleven

Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is an escaped prisoner from Hawkins lab with strange telekinetic powers. The character has very little to say. She manages to convey everything that needs to be said in a single look which is truly a difficult task for any adult actor, let alone a child actor. As you move through the seasons you will see her transformation from shaved head eleven to bitchin jane to beautiful jane hopper while her craving towards “Eggos” remains the same, if not more. Her relationship with Jim Hopper, played by David harbour, is also worth watching. She is ready to bleed her nose n number of times for the sake of her loved ones. You will love her at the very moment.

3.The ‘Upside Down’ & the ‘Monsters’

The upside-down is an alternate dark dimension beneath our Earth. The landscape of the upside-down is just like our Earth consisting of similar locals and landmarks but along with shadowy aura and a glue-like webbing attached to almost every surface which highlights the hive minds living there. These concepts make you stop and think about many creepy things that may or may not happening down there and that’s where you get scared. Unlike other series and movies, the monsters, Demogorgon’s and demi dogs looks more life-like than a costume. You find it scary and weird at the same time. After all the idea of the upside-down is fantastic!

4.Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder, who plays Joyce Byers, is a treasure to Stranger Things. She plays the role of a mother to a mysteriously missing child and does everything to bring back her son from death. Joyce is all nervous, stress dripping yet sweet, loving character. Winona Ryder managed to handle the role amazingly which had the risk of being annoying. Joyce’s and Hopper’s (played by David Harbour) chemistry is something that not to be missed even though they are not “couple’s”. And yes, Winona is still winning hearts through her incredible acting.


Stranger Things contains pretty good soundtracks and music. The theme song, C418, itself gives you goosebumps and makes you not to skip the intro. Almost every music has a vintage, fuzzy warmth of analogue synths. Composers have done an incredible job at mirroring the style of ’80s in the music but at the same time managed to not forget creating their own identity within that music. The season last song ‘never-ending story’ can make your day. Each song is a masterpiece in and of itself. You can’t miss experiencing these very well executed pieces of works!

6.Pure friendship

In stranger Things, you will see the pure and real friendships which make you want one. The series itself starts with the extra-ordinary friendship between Dustin Henderson, Will Byer, Mike Wheeler and Lucas Sinclair. These boys reply to Eleven’s “what is ‘friends’?” is so pure and not to be missed. Moving through the series you will get to see their circle growing but the friendship that these four shares is so special. In ST you will get to see the friendships from Joyce & Hopper to Nancy & Jonathan to Dustin & Steve and many more. The value of friendship and the way they look out for each other is evident in every episode.

7. It’s not all sci-fiction

Stranger Things introduced some theoretical concepts and presented them in the best way. Even though there are weird monsters and all, it is not all about science. It also contains humour, drama, friendship, romance, and is highly emotional to make the horror and supernatural feel real. It really gives you a strange feeling after watching and at the same time it is also funny. Dustin’s sense of humour is a must to mention.


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