Top seven best ways to keep yourself motivated

1. Hope for best and never give up:

When you get demotivated, you regularly feel to offer up, but believe our great national heroes. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a newspaper boy he became Indian president, PM Narendra Modi a tea-seller but today he's our prime minister, MS-Dhoni a ticket checker but today he's an excellent cricketer. If they didn’t hope for the simplest and gave up by getting demotivated we'd never get such real-life heroes. Therefore the best ways to stay you motivated always hopes for the simplest and never hand over.

2. To keep strong determination:

The distraction causes you to demotivated, we have a society that laughs on us at our failure, but your strong determination will always keep you motivated towards your goal. Always confine mind silence your critics, ignore your haters, and delete your cynics which suggests don’t concentrate if an individual expresses an unfavorable opinion, ignore what your haters say about you, and never keep your opinion that only selfishment motivates. We often say that failure should not be an option but failure should be an option because when you fail you get up and then you fail and then you will get up and that keeps you going.

3.Always think positive:

It is okay to be scared, it is okay to cry everything is okay but giving up is not an option. We often believe in the past and keep regret and begin thinking negatively which always demotivates us. Always remember no regrets in life, just lesson learning. The motivation for the tiniest bit is a major necessity today. Thinking positively will always motivate you to maneuver on from bad phases or failure and it’s only you who can work on psychological thinking. So also be very patient with yourself.

4.Keep Trust on yourself:

Trusting yourself will offer you the motivation to make your life which will let the inner sparks of desire to show into a flame of achievements. It’s not important whether you aim or not but how you approach your goal that determines the result. If you have a dream fight for it and there’s a discipline for the passion it's not all about how many times you get rejected or you fall or you’re beaten up. It’s all about how many times you stand up and you keep on going.

5.Keep mind calm and fresh:

Do the items that cause you to feel happy, relax your mind it'll motivate you to direct all of your energy towards doing it. Like taking note of music or watching something funnier distracts our mind from the hectic routine and gets fresh and relax which improves physical endurance, increases stimulation, self-confidence, and motivation. This is often because scientifically there's the connectivity of auditory neurons and motor neurons. Play the games you like. Tell yourself that you are going to have a fresh start. Spend time with positive people.

6.Do exercise and yoga:

Most depression gets rid by exercising, as exercise releases endorphins, the texture of excellent hormones that will motivate you. Yoga helps to unravel most of the issues by increasing your focus and patience level which affect while facing mental, emotional, spiritual challenges in life. the method of taking a deep breath increases blood flow that releases your anxiety and stress and mind gets a refresh.

7. Consume small amount of caffeine product:

In your diet include caffeinated beverages like coffee, chocolates during a limited amount. The chocolate and occasional have caffeine content that creates you are feeling energetic, it'll help to specialize in your task. The chocolate contains magnesium which acts as a natural stress reliever and can motivate you back but should be consumed a really bit as an excessive amount of amount can have a nasty effect on health. Eating berries boost concentration and memory up to 5 hours later.


Sayali Khamgaonkar