Top seven best Intelligence agencies in the world

1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The CIA is the best civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States Government. Its main task is to gather, process, evaluate and analyse national security information from all around the world. CIA primarily focuses on providing intelligence to the President of the United States. Formed 72 years ago, counter-terrorism and cyber operations are the top priorities of CIA. Government shared its expenditure figures on non-military intelligence, in 2013 it was around $52 billion. One of its greatest achievements is the OPERATION NEPTUNE SPEAR. It was associated with death of famous leader of Al-Qaeda –Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

2. Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)

The SIS commonly known as MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6) is the foreign intelligence service of the United Kingdom government. SIS works exclusively in foreign intelligence gathering, counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation. Formed in July 1909, its headquarters is located at 85 Vauxhall Cross and has a very beautiful infrastructure. During 2nd World War MI6 was considered to be the most effective agencies in the world. Also, MI6 held various spying operations in Europe and Latin America. Interestingly, a famous fictional character James Bond a spy agent was shown as an MI6 officer.


Formed in 1949, Mossad is one of the best national intelligence agency in Israel. The meaning of word Mossad is ‘Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations’. Mossad is responsible for military intelligence, foreign information collection and counter-terrorism. It has nothing to do with democratic institutions of the country. Mossad’s director has to report directly to the Prime Minister. Its estimated budget is around 10 billion and has around 7K employees which makes it 2nd largest surveillance agency in the world after the CIA. Some of its successful operations are Operation Orchard, Operation Babylon and many more. Mossad has worked with many such intelligence agencies in the world.

4.Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB)

The leading security agency of Russia commonly referred as FSB is legendary for its counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism and border security operations. Formed in 1995, its headquarter is in Lubyanka Square, Moscow. Under Russian Federal Law, FSB is additionally considered as a military forces with its officers not wearing military uniforms. The FSB directly answers to the Russian president and therefore the Director of FSB. It has played a critical role to prevent terrorist attacks in Russia. The FSB has also created its own set of departmental awards such as “ For Merit in Counter-Intelligence”, “ For merit in Combating- Terrorism” etc.

5.Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW)

The R&AW is the foreign intelligence agency in India. R&AW is considered to be one the effective organisation and features a major role in India’s National Power. Found in 1968, R&AW is headquartered in New Delhi. The Secretary of R&AW directly reports to the National Security Advisor of India who gives each and every information to the Prime Minister. Its main function is to gather foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, also monitor the political, military, economic and nuclear developments of the country. Interestingly, majority of R&AW secretaries are IPS officers. R&AW played a major role in events like the creation of Bangladesh and dealing on anti-terrorism in Kashmir.

6.Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)

The Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan is the leading intelligence agency of Pakistan government. ISI directly reports to the head of ISI – the Director-General and he further reports to Prime Minister and therefore the Army Chief. Formed in 1948, ISI gained its name within the 1980s during which Soviet-Afghan War in which it worked with CIA , USA to train and fund Afghan-Mujahideen against Soviet Union. The ISI consists of currently serving military officers from all three branches i.e. Army, Air Force and Navy. It also hires civilian for its on-field operations. It is said that ISI has the largest number of active officers than the other agencies within the world.

7. Federal Intelligence Service (BND)

The Federal Intelligence services is the foreign intelligence agency of Germany which is second in command to Chancellor’s Office.BND stands for Bundesnachrichtendienst in German. The BND headquarters is found in Central Berlin is taken into account to be the world’s largest intelligence. It had been found during the cold war in 1956. The BND collects both militaries as well as civil intelligence. The BND today acts as a premonition to alert German Government to threats about to cause by wire tapping and electronic surveillances. It primarily focuses on collecting information on counter-terrorism, illegal transfer of technology, crimes, drug trafficking and lots of more. One of its major using global telecommunications CIA and BND used a Swiss front company to spy on world leaders for many years.


Gaurav Kumar