Top seven Tips to Make Work from Home More Productive

1. Plan A Schedule

Even though it seems very tempting to work whenever we feel like with no fixed schedule, it creates a hot mess resulting in procrastination of work and not being productive enough. Working at home gives no excuse to not have any agenda, checklist and devote a regular chunk of time as office hours. Treat your work as if doing it from a workspace and make sure to set your work hours when you feel the most productive. If needed use an online schedule management tool. This will automatically create a psychological response and we would have a better outlook of our jobs, our input and result for every single day.

2. Create an organized work-like environment

It seems comfortable to lie on the couch or the sofa in your pyjamas and get your job done but come on; after achieving the first step of creating a checklist does it make sense to sit on a bed in front of your computer? There is no harm in making that makeshift office cubicle from that study that you used years ago in your days of education or that dining table. If required keep some plants, decorative items like you would in your workspace cubicle. Dress up like you would for work. Even that simple act of being presentable triggers up to perform better. And please do not forget to clean your office table. Messy tables lead to procrastination of work. And that's not good news for your work.

3.Coordinate with co-workers and other professionals in your field

Work from home makes it difficult to coordinate with others but do not lose contact with your coworkers. Coordinate your work schedule with your colleagues and your employers. It's not pleasant to work in the middle of the night if you are not feeling productive enough. Humans are social beings and can function better with social activity. Use video conferencing tools to connect to your peers. Ask for feedback from experienced professionals. Ask for transparency and ensure there remains no gap in communication. This helps us to do better and put more tick marks on that checklist.

4.Invest in good quality tools

Work from home heavily relies on a seamless internet connection. Hence, investing in a good quality router will make jobs easier. Also invest in some good software tools like a good email service provider, a good content management team, good communication tools and good marketing tools. Also, invest in a good quality cloud so that you don't have to scamper around to find your data. Investing in some hardware tools like a good quality internet and a good headset with a microphone won't hurt at all.

5.Create boundaries

Personal life and work-life should never overlap. This leads us to feel less motivated and leaves work undone. Your work schedule should be clear to you and all the other people living along with you. During that time, try to refrain from all physical distractions. But after that time, forget about your 'office' and work. Afterall your mental health is equally as important as your job. Indulge in that beautiful song or that amazing jam or a good time with your family members or a personal hobby. Afterall 'all work and no play make Jack the dull boy'

6.Block online distractions

Now this may sound cliche but let's face it; funny cat videos and social media accounts manage to eat up a lot of time. Log out of that all social media, video sharing apps, online games, etc. during your work schedule please make sure that only websites related to work must be used.

7. Take short breaks in between

This is contradictory to the previous tips. This is where the confusion arises. A simple way to achieve that is the Pomodoro time management technique. This is a very effective technique. Steps to Pomodoro technique (the traditional method. Time duration is subject to change according to the user) Plan number of tasks Do it for 25 minutes Take a short break of 5 minutes Do 3 such cycles of 30 minutes each Take a 30-minute-long break In these short breaks, do some stretches, eat some healthy snack, drink some water, get yourself motivated by that motivational quote or jam and then sit back for work again. Apply these tips and be inspired, motivated for working from home. Stay happy, healthy, sane and kind. Do not lose the joy of working.


Anushka Mukherjee