Top seven Indian brands you would like to choose over foreign brands


Relaxo has consistently lived by and upheld its quality assurance by rigidly adhering to the statutes of Quality Par Excellence and absolute customer satisfaction. The brand seems committed to its objective of providing quality footwear that meets and exceeds the expectations and needs of the customer. which makes it one of the most trusted Indian footwear brand. Relaxo is the largest footwear manufacturer In India by volume. On an average, the company sells more than 5 lakh pair of footwear daily. Relaxo footwear ltd owns 9 footwear brands- 1.Sparx 2.Flite 3.Schoolmate 4.Relaxo 5.Boston 6.Mary Jane 7.Casualz 8.Kids fun 9. Bahamas

2. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is owned by MADURA FASHION AND LIFESTYLE a division of the Aditya Birla Fashion group. This brand was started in 1989, It is one of the largest apparel brands in India in terms of sales, often loved by its customers for its quality and comfort, and is considered to be one of the best formal clothing brands in the country. Louis Philippe is certainly the brand you should pick over any other foreign brand The sub-brands in Louis Philippe portfolio include: 1.LP MAINLINE/FORMALS (menswear formals) 2.LP LUXURE (collection of luxury wear) 3.LP SPORTS (casual and semi-formal) 4.LP JEANS (denim collection)


Owned by Hindustan Unilever Lakmé is an Indian cosmetics brand often ranked amongst the top, being an expert on Indian Beauty for over 50 years is one of the most trusted cosmetic brands of the country. Lakmé offers a wide range of high performance and world-class cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. Lakmé is much loved because it offers a variety of products that are priced at such a rate that even the masses can afford it. It is known to offer its consumers a beauty experience through its products, that are ideal for a variety of Indian skin tones.

4.Titan company limited

Looking for genuine watches, Titan is your go-to Indian brand. It's a part of the tata group, it commenced operations in 1984 under the name Titan watches limited. Titan is the largest and the most trusted watch brand in India. Watch brands by titan include: Titan, Octane, Fastrack, Nebula, Xylys, Zoop, Helios, SF, FAVRE-LEUBA, SONATA. Titan watches are fantastic pieces, they compete with the likes of Citizen and even Tissot. They make great watches that are durable and last for a long time. Their designs are good and they cater to people with different price ranges.

5.BIRA 91

when the market was dominated by exotic brands, the millennial consumers wanted a different beer, introduced in Feb 2015, founded by Ankur Jain, Bira 91 gave them what they were looking for; taste, flavour and quality and took the market by storm. Nobody can dispute Bira’s success. One year after its launch, the beer has started selling 50,000 cases a month, it became the largest selling premium beer. It became one of the favourite and most liked liquor brand among millennials. BIRA 91 offers a low-calorie beer, with a calorie count lower than that of other liquors be it beers, champagne, and breezers. So, the next time you are up for a beer, consider one of India's favourite beer brand.


In times like this, when the world is protected not by superheroes but hand sanitizers and antibacterial products, it's essential to have one by yourself. Savlon is an Indian antibacterial personal care product manufactured by ITC Limited. For over 50 years, Savlon has kept Indians protected against germs. Savlon lives up to its tagline of “Savlon Swasth India”. Savlon was proved effective antiseptic than Dettol (not an Indian brand) and they positioned their brand as an antiseptic that doesn't hurt while healing wounds and has a better smell. So undoubtedly a better product that'll protect you as well as the Indian economy.


Havells India Ltd is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. Founded in 1983, the company has products ranging from home and kitchen appliances, lighting for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, LED lighting, fans, modular switches, wiring accessories and water heaters. Havells was listed 125th among 1200 of India's most trusted brands according to the Brand Trust Report 2014, a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory. Most of the Havells products are amongst the top and are trusted and liked by consumers. Today, Havells is the largest Indian manufacturer of consumer electricals and the fourth-largest electrical lightings brand in the world, with group revenues of $1.3 billion.


Saurabh Jagtap