Top Seven ways to celebrate a birthday in lockdown

1. Indulge in some good food

It's your special day and you deserve some loving. Shop for some tasty snacks and sweets. And if you are broke, like me, then what about making some. I know my friends many might complain that they can’t cook anything more than instant noodles. Trust me, cooking is not that difficult. It is time- consuming, but the joy of seeing your snack getting cooked is so satisfying. And I must say, cooking and baking desserts is the best way to destress yourself in this difficult time. Ultimately ‘stressed’ reversed is ‘desserts’.

2. Have a karaoke session

Are you musically inclined but you can’t showcase your incredible talent since you could not get a day of rest from your busy schedule? But now you can. We all are anyways stuck at home. So, click on a karaoke version of your favourite song and start singing. If you are talented (unlike me) then you can try karaoke apps. Pick up Your favourite song and just sing along.

3.Dress up yourself…..and your room

Yea I know it sounds nice but it's difficult to pick yourself up and Start putting effort. We feel lazy these days, but come on how long are you gonna sit in those pajamas and being in that messy room? Come on clean it up. Relocate that sofa from that old location. Decorate that room with some colourful streamers and balloons or with a decorative article of your choice. Dress yourself up. It makes you feel good. Trust me. Dressing up and decorating brings us to the fourth point and that is….

4.Shop up

Retail therapy is real people. It's your special day. You deserve that extra bit of happiness. But this does not mean that you can shop for random things which you will never use in the future. Sure, that dress looks beautiful but if you can’t wear it since it is too gaudy or uncomfortable then buying that makes no sense. Before buying anything ask yourself the following questions A. Is it my desire? B. Is it gonna benefit me/ useful in the future? C. Is it ethical? If the answer is yes….GO FOR IT. And I am not limiting myself to just materialistic things. If you feel You can learn a new skill and if it is not too expensive, then what are you waiting for?

5.Send virtual invites and start the party

Remember the days when you could invite people for partying? Now you can with virtual invites. What’s a birthday with no partying? Let’s get honest. The best way of partying is with friends and a theme. So, decide a theme, send invites, arrange a party and carry on your amazing party with all your lovely friends. Have those tasty snacks and enjoy.

6.Oh! dear OTT, my best friend

On the contrary, if you are an introvert or if you hate people then it’s completely fine. Chuck the fifth point out of the video, grab a glass of your drink of choice, put on your favourite show and start watching. Or if you love people and love Netflix then you can challenge your friends in a binge-watching competition. Trust me it’s fun.

7. Home is there where the heart is

Enough mentions of your personal enjoyment and enjoying with your friends but what about family? Spend time with your family. If you are a lucky soul living with your family then you can spend time while making tasty food or decorating with your house but if you are like me, far away from your family then call them. Maybe a group call with all your family members may not be too annoying. At least, call your adorable grandparents and little children in your family whom you love. They will be genuinely happy and trust me this shall provide you happiness. So, if you think that these ideas are worth your time then what are you waiting for? Give a break from all that work, class and mundane life and give these tips a shot.


Anushka Mukherjee