Top Seven unlucky actors in Bollywood who became victims of Nepotism

1. Sushant Singh Rajput

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, there are the videos and fragments of his writing on social media that are viral: the actor is to be seen repeatedly posing for acceptance within the industry. The advocate who filed the case during a court in Bihar's Muzaffarpur said Sushant was far away from around seven films and a few of them weren't released which situation was created that forced him to take the extreme step. Filmmaker Shekar Kapur also tweeted “I knew the pain you were suffering. I knew the story of the people that permits you down so badly that you simply would weep on my shoulder. I wish that I used to be round the last six months. I wish you had reached me. What happened to you was their karma, not yours”.

2. Ayushman Khurrana

Ayushman Khurrana at the age of 17 by following his passion he worked in a show called popstars but dint gets success. Then he worked in roadies after winning the show then started carrier in Bollywood industry with movies name Vicky Donar, Barilley Ki Barfi, Badhai ho and after this year of struggle Ayushman Khurrana who has become star said “If nepotism didn't exist, he would have made his debut at the age of 22, while he was 27 when he made his debut. Ayushman Khurrana in his book ‘Cracking The Code: My Journey in Bollywood’ mentioned about Karan Johar’s Dharma production refusing to work with him in his struggling days by saying we only work with stars, and can’t work with you.

3.Rajkumar Rao

Rajkumar Rao to urge start with career he often visits casting directors but didn't get any roles but he started his carrier in 2010 with great success in the Bollywood industry. This critically acclaimed actor Rajkumar Rao said that he had seen various non-talented actors getting chances before him. He said that “favouritism doesn't bother him but favouritism that provides chances to non-talented people are a problem for him”. He twice got rejected to big films. Once he heard, someone said to filmmaker "why you're taking him get somebody else." He experienced that his role even has been chopped off while working with someone with big star power.

4.Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon in her one among her interviews said “I don't mind reaching directors but if I had been from a movie family, I might not need to reach out they might know me and that I would have interacted with them somewhere”. This specifies that nepotism affected her career even after with such great talent. She also mentioned during her interviews she was replaced by star-kid in a movie by someone from a film family. Many times she was so close to the film they were casting for new-comers but go for established actors.

5.Taapsee Panu

Taapsee Panu said “In 2016 I was not even nominated for award show because I was nobody. It did hit hard and my heartbreak”. She claims she was not the centre of attention or under scrutiny because people didn't expect her eventually became what she has. Taapsee Panu also mentioned that “I have people openly writing me off saying nobody wants to meet you, I don’t think had a good response for you in the market”.Taapsee was eventually rejected and thrown out because of a lot of star kids because of recommendations. This is how nepotism came under her way of career. Many times she felt unwanted in events or awards show because she was treated as almost like any other struggling newcomer even after dozens of films in the south.

6.Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput revealing that even she gets messages from people that tell her to not take any wrong step in life. She claims that “why do they need to place in my mind that I should commit suicide”.Many times actors made fun of Kangana Ranaut in shows as she spoke about nepotism. Even earlier the four senior journalists make guilt and announce to ban Kangana film was the injustice felt by her in the Bollywood industry. She spoke that everybody should get civil rights.

7. Surveen Chawla

Surveen Chawla made her TV debut ‘Charu Sinha’ in “Kahin Toh Hoga Back” in 2003. Surveen worked in movies like Hate-Story 2 and famous web shows like Sacred Games. In Hindustan Times she said about being dropped from a movie because the maker decided for star-kid, Surveen said: “I wasn't scared albeit I left TV at peak of my career but in middle of this transition once I was stepping up, I used to be thrown back down”.The reason wasn't about her talent but somebody has better contacts than her, snatched the great opportunity from her.


Sayali Khamgaonkar