Top Seven reasons why batch 2020 wants to cancel the exams

1. Increasing mental stress

In the last few months, students have been under immense stress due to several factors, including COVID19 pandemic, career-related anxiety and, most notably, exam stress. So far as the exams are concerned, they've got a lot of hype than any other Bollywood star. It's a rough time, and each of us is faced with a lot of issues, and we can feel how difficult it has become to focus on one topic. In addition to COVID instances, mental stress among students is also growing in parallel.

2. Demand for Batch identity

Every year, a particular set of students graduate which becomes their identity. It's simple if someone asks about the qualification we always mention it with a year tag, 1998 Graduate or proud 2000 batch. Even this has become a point of discussion as to whether they will also have such an identity. Everyone wants this uniqueness to remain constant. If the exams delayed continuously, there might be a chance that two groups of students will pass the same year, which will prove to be problematic for all.

3.Afraid of failure in exams

Fear of failure in the upcoming exam is almost common to every student in the final year. The reason behind this is straightforward, as with increasing COVID cases and harmful air spreading around us, it is difficult to focus on study. It is also challenging to remember old subjects, as there has been a massive gap between the learning period and exam dates. This fear is affecting the future of students as they can't decide how to move forward in their lives.

4.Solicitude over future goals

Since this was the last year, everyone planned their future and started working on it. These exams were the final step, and students were free to fly in the world they had created. The only thing that hinders this is the final exams! Are Exams so important? Studying in last year is a sign that you have come through an arduous journey, and to justify your abilities through a single exam is very wrong. A constructive decision is required for the betterment of students.

5.Request for firm decision

Over the past few months, we have observed the politics being played on this subject of the examination, which ultimately affects the students' mindset. This has been complicated every day because some say it is cancelled, and some say it is not. The situation is close to that of a see-saw, or any tennis game where the students play the role of a ball. Giving dates are not enough because there is an utter need for a set syllabus and a clear timetable for planning for an examination. After all, planning relies on a set time schedule.

6.Improper strategy on holding exams

Delhi University recently conducted online mock exams for their students, and this turns out to be the worst decision because it failed to do justice. Different issues have occurred, such as not being able to sign in for the test, getting the wrong answer sheet, many servers down terror and many other things have happened. In particular, this indicates that the Indian Government is not capable of conducting online exams, so how will such exams be conducted? A standard portal and efficient online connectivity are required.

7. Demand for Student safety assurance

Since these exams can directly affect the health of the students and their families, there is an urgent need from the student regarding their assurance of safety. If an offline announcement made, then the student needs a proper plan on how safe they are while taking the exams. Safety during travel is the primary concern of the student, and they need it to be safe and sound. Various other aspects of the offline exam are bothering students. Proper guidance on student safety measures must be provided well in advance.


Parth Toraskar