Top Seven methods to utilise your your quarantine time effectively

1. Online courses to build personal skills

Many organizations/sites are offering 'free' online courses for everyone to use this free time in building your skills. You can have a course in any of your interested fields, cooking, painting, programming, or technical matters. Or you can go for something quite amazing, like learning new languages, experimenting with things, etc. The aim here is to get a new skill and a better version of your self.

2. Give platform to your skills

Once you are well gained with a particular skill, now take a further step and join as an intern. Many sites provide opportunities for beginners to start experiencing as an intern and implement their skills. Particularly, at this time since 'work from home' is encouraged so there are many offers. This can be stipend or unpaid. What matters is that you get certificates for your CV, and letter of recommendation, moreover a great online experience under an organization!

3.Read novels, give time to your passion and habits

It's been a long time the last you read any novel, right? If this is the scene, and you're not able to follow your passion or extra interest due to time constraints. Then this is your time, search out that novel or your old habits, sit calmly and start doing, start reading the unfinished novel! In this way, give some valuable time to your interest, to your hobbies and enjoy doing that.

4.Blogging- explore yourself and mark this year

You're a good singer, or a trained dancer, or a professional artist in any field? Your talents are kept hidden due to this 'stay at home'. But no worries, when we have an online platform, offering a wonderful golden opportunity to showcase your 'talents' and win awards and fame! Many organizations have initiated their events/competitions through Facebook and Instagram. People are given a chance to showcase and win exciting prizes.

5.Online competitions and experiments

The things you experience, the wonderful time you are spending, the skills you are building, and how slowly and steadily you are becoming more productive. Let's have a blog of your own, exciting right! Write down your thoughts, express your knowledge, share, and let your thoughts change the world. It can be Technical, beauty, poem, art, or any personal blog describing you!

6.Preparing timetable- scheduled routine

Most importantly, these methods can be implemented correctly only if you have a proper timetable that's maintained by you. You must follow the prepared routine and schedule a specific time for each work. In this way, you will enjoy without any stress and get fruitful results!

7. Meditate. Rejuvenate. Reconnect

When it comes to a long break from your daily work and stress, it's time to heal and get relaxed. This is a vital part of life and it's recommended to practice meditation daily. This will make you more cheerful and more productive, you'll be able to manage things more accurately. Spend time with your family and needed ones. For instance, you'll be satisfied with your work. A 5 min meditation, every day before sleeping or early in the morning, or at any convenient time for you. This will turn out to be the best thing you learned in the quarantine.


Srishti Sharma