Top Seven factors affecting SEO to boost your ranking fast

1. Content

As it is said, ”Content is King ”. Content is the main factor that determines the ranking of a webpage. It should be relevant, engaging, and descriptive. If the user doesn’t like your content and leaves, it increases the bounce rate of your website. Not only the content should be good but also it should be well structured. Links should be given at appropriate positions. Avoid duplicate content as it can lead to a penalty by Google or other search engines.

2. Keywords

Good keyword research can do a great deal in ranking your webpage. Proper keywords combined with detailed content, alone can rank you in the top 10 of any SERP. There are two types of keywords short-tail(1-2 words) and long-tail (more than 3 words). You should choose a keyword which has a good search traffic and less competition. Apart from the main keyword, the content should also include sub-keywords related to your topic. If your website is new try ranking for longer keywords as they have less traffic. Some free keyword research tools are ubbersuggest, SEMrush, smallseotools.

3.Meta description

Meta description is an HTML tag which is a snippet which is used to summarize the content of your webpage. For the best results, it should under 150 characters. Many search engines use this as an overview for your website. It is displayed under the title name on any search engine result page(SERP). The description should be short and intriguing and it should include your primary and secondary keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing as it’s a black hat SEO technique and you can be penalized for it.

4.Link Building

This is a key aspect of search engine optimization. Your webpage should have optimum internal links (Links to other related pages on your website). You must have outbound links i.e. link to other authoritative sites which have related content. Backlinks


The title is one of the main factors on which the ranking of the page depends. The length of the title should be around 50-60 characters (Not words). Your focus keyword should be present in the title. It should be eye-catchy and not a clickbait. Use of symbols like parentheses has also shown to improve the click-through rate. Adding your brand name in the title is also a good practice to build authority and trust among users.

6.Page speed

Fast webpages are very much appreciated by users. It dives a good user experience. To increases the page speed of your webpage, you can optimize your images to a proper size, add expiry headers, avoid unnecessary cookies, use a Content Delivery Network(CDN). There are free tools available online to check your page speed like Google Pagespeed Insights. The load time of a webpage should be minimal to increase the traffic of a website.

7. Domain

Domain name should be related to the niche of your website. It should have some authority and backlinks. The domain should have a clean history like there shouldn’t be any penalties on it. An SSL certificate should be issued to make it a secure domain. Avoid having an http website. The length of the domain name should also be small and apt. If you’re targeting audience from a particular country, country-specific TLD extension should be present(.in, .ca).


abhishek chavan