Top Seven Indian Females Conquering Russian National Hobby Chess

1. Humpy Koneru

Born in 1987, the pride of a nation from Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, is a chess master and a woman's world rapid chess champion, currently! She is a wife of the Anvesh Dasari and also a mother of Aahana Dasari. Just at the age of 15, Humpy became the youngest woman ever to achieve the title of woman grandmaster in 2001 and a grandmaster in 2002. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 288th National rank - 16th World female rank - 2nd Continental Female rank - 2nd

2. Harika Dronavalli

Indian chess grandmaster, HarikaDronavalli, born on 12th January 1991 has owned 3 bronze medals multiple times and attempt for gold in 2012,2015 and 2017 in the Women's World chess championship. In 2016, pursuing world no.rank 5 in FIDE women's ranking by winning the FIDE women's Grand Pix event at Chengdu, China. For her incredible contribution in the field of sports, she was awarded Padma Shri in 2019. After Humpy koneru, she became the second Indian woman to become a grandmaster in 2001, women FIDE master in 2003, Women grandmaster in 2004 and International Master in 2007. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 635th National rank - 31st World female rank - 9th Continental Female rank - 4th

3. Vaishali Rameshbabu

Born in 2001, a small girl from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, had some great achievements in her childhood. She has owned the title of World's youth chess champion for under -14s and under -12s. she was ranked 2nd in India and world no. 12 girl as under 16 chess player. She is also called the youngest international master and 4th youngest grandmaster in the history of chess, since 2018. She became Women FIDE Master in 2013, Women International Master in 2016 and World Grandmaster in 2018. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 2207th National rank - 96th World female rank - 63rd Continental Female rank - 19th

4.Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev is an Indian chess master, born on 28 August 1986. Her mother Anju Sachdev, introduce the game to her at the age of 6. Further then, at the age of 8, she owned an International title in chess. In 2009, she was awarded the prestigious Arjuna award. She won the best women's prize and also won the commonwealth women's champion title, in 2016. She became the woman International master in 2002, woman grandmaster in 2005 and international master in 2008. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 2233rd National rank - 97th World female rank - 65th Continental Female rank - 20th

5. Bhakti Kulkarni

Bhakti Kulkarni, born on 19th May 1992, is an Indian chess master. She has multiple titles in her career. She won her first international women's chess tournament in 2013. She won Asian junior chess championship in 2011 and Asian chess women championship in 2016. She played for our national team and represented India and has made multiple attempts to make our nation proud. She became the Women FIDE Master in 2005, Women International master in 2010, Woman Grandmaster in 2012 and International Master in 2019. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 2248th National rank - 98th World female rank - 66th Continental Female rank - 21st

6. Padmini Rout

Consistent achiever, born on 5th January 1994, Padmini Rout is an Indian chess master, owner of 4 consecutive titles for National women's premier from 2014 - 2017. Her interest and enthusiasm for the game are because of our father Dr Ashok Kumar's passion for the game. At the age of 9, she won her first national title, under -11 girls chess championship. She also owns the tile of commonwealth women's champion in 2015. She is honoured with Ekalavya award in 2009. She became the Woman International Master in 2007, Woman Grandmaster in 2010 and International Master 2015. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 2725th National rank - 113th World female rank - 93rd Continental Female rank - 26th

7. P.V. Nandhidhaa

P.V. Nandhidhaa, born in 1996, is an Indian chess master. She is the third youngest Grandmaster. She became a woman International Master in 2015 and Women Grandmaster in 2020. Among the active global chess players, World rank - 2833rd National rank - 119th World female rank - 98th Continental Female rank - 29th She will have many great tournaments coming up and we'll make our nation proud.