Top 7 Website To Learn Web Development

1. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning vast platform that offers over 80,000 online courses in wide variety of categories including web development. Udemy is best platform to learn any courses for free as well as paid. But before you enroll in course first you’ll want to read Udemy course reviews. The free courses topics and levels vary drastically from HTML5, CSS3 and Angular JS courses to PHP and MYSQLI buildings. In Udemy the courses range from beginner to advance it offers high quality learning for web development. The best course for web development in Udemy the Colt Steel’s Web Developer Bootcamp course this course covers all the fundamentals you need to master if you want to start learning web development.

2. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is the Bible of web development newbies. Based on the most popular development languages, these free courses contain the basic knowledge you need to get started. If you’re looking to learn web development for free then Codeacademy is the best option. It has its small units and each units contains exercises to test your knowledge. Most of Codeacademy courses also include a final test for checking your level. In Codeacademy the HTML/CSS courses are followed by JS courses, which then lead to more advance Node Js courses. In Codeacademy you can also find back end classes such as Ruby or Ruby on Rails.


Coursera is a big online course catalog where you can easily find the web development class that you are looking for. In Coursera the institution that offers the online course, the language, length etc. And best thing about Coursera is that upon graduation you will get an online certificate as formal proof of completion and you can attach it to your resume. Coursera is the sophisticated filtering system that allows the student to choose not just the field and topic, but also the degree and the level of the course.


Udacity offers free online courses in partnership with such leading IT companies such as Google, AT&T, Github, Amazon, etc. In Udacity courses vary from intermediate to advance. Udacity offers a huge variety of courses from simple HTML5/CSS courses to a compact web development courses with JavaScript, Backbone.js , etc. In Udacity all the classes are interactive with videos and quizzes to test yourself and check the level of understanding every once in a while. Udacity offers non-degree courses only, it does not provide certifications.


W3Shchools is not a place where you can actually learn web development and become pro, but if you’re an absolute beginner and still looking to understand the basics W3Schools could be very helpful for you. You can find HTML, CSS, JS, BootStrap and XML tutorials in W3Schools. In W3Schools each tutorial is written in very simple and non-techy language, so people who have no experience in coding can understand. In W3Schools the topics are added with set of simple tasks inviting the user to put their knowledge to use.


Alison is big skill-building platform with courses varying from languages and lifestyle to web development. The owners of Alison Website believe free education is the base of progress, so all courses are free in Alison Website. In this website if you need a certificate for any course then first you’ll have to pay for it. In Alison website the course material mainly consists of audio and video classes to make the learning process more interactive. In Alison website web development course topics include CSS3, HTML5, and JS as well as Angular, Node, etc.

7. edX

edX is a great website for those who loves college and are constantly tempted to give grad school a shot. If you’re looking for academic courses of web development then edX is the best choice for you. edX contains both degree and non-degree courses from distinguished universities such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, Sorbonne, etc. edX courses are provided with true classroom experience with university syllabus and corresponding assignments, tests and exams. One of the most popular web development courses on edX is the Ruby on Rails program offered by the University of California.


Aditi Chaudhari