1. Online Learning is the new Learning

There were days students used to gather together in a place called school or college not just to learn but also to create memories. And here we are now, sitting at homes, turning on the meeting apps and trying to learn online. Students are not only attending the online scheduled lectures but also working on to develop some good technical skills courtesy to the various courses offered by Coursera, Udemy, etc

2. The “Work from Home” Trend

Due to the 5% employee at workplace rule, many employees are encouraged and are given hands-on training to work from home. In this technically rapidly developing world, companies now realize that their employees can also work from home, in their comfort zone. Less paperwork, so less wastage of paper, saving not only the company’s revenue but also our ecosystem. People who are already equipped with certain technical skills are applying for online internships to showcase their skills and also earn some money with the same.

3.Restaurants and the Food Delivery Apps Merging

Since one cannot actually go outside and enjoy meals at the restaurants right now, people are moving towards food delivery apps in huge numbers. Due to lockdown, restaurant owners need something to back up their capital, and hence now they are turning up to tie-ups with such Food Delivery apps.

4.Empty Stadiums and Theatres.

For a long time, the cheers from the audience in theatres while the hero’s entry, the energy the players get whilst watching the audience encouraging them, won’t be seen. That energy one gets while watching a movie or a sport live won’t be the same watching it on a TV or an OTT platform. Even it will be hard for players to play in such an environment, but they hope so this ends soon and hence are appealing their fans to stay home, stay fit and stay safe so that life gets back to normal as early as possible.

5.Being Online Cautious

As most of the work is being carried out online, the cases of online frauds have also risen to a recognizable level. Many cases of Phishing or Fake Lottery traps are being carried out to empty the pockets of an ordinary person. So, to avoid this, many tech Youtubers are making people aware of staying safe online, thus not only making them cautious but also technically aware.

6.Personal and Environment Hygiene Conscious

As one can prevent from getting infected by this virus by maintaining personal hygiene and also sanitizing oneself, people are getting more conscious of how one can maintain the utmost cleanliness at their houses. Many places are being sanitized by the cleaning staffs and every precaution is being taken to be safe. Everyone has started taking hygiene more seriously. Just 3 months after the lockdown, the pollution levels are so drastically reduced that one see clear blue skies, no smoke, and minimal noise.

7. Self-Analysis and Mental Health

As everyone has ample time now, people are getting into deep thoughts and self-analysis and some people, unfortunately, think negatively and they try to affect their life in the same way. Many cases of Depression and Suicide are coming up these days because people are not only self-analyzing but also overthinking. So it’s very important to utilize this time to connect with our close ones, our families, and support anyone who’s going through bad times. Because we are all in this Together!!


Chetan Gawale