1. Limited storage

Storage is the main factor in everybody’s phone, we all need memory space to store our data, photos, videos, and many more things but, iPhone being a premium product doesn’t provide enough storage to customers. It does not have an option to insert an SD card. For extra storage capacity, either user has to buy cloud services or iPhones with a large storage capacity which costs more.

2. Limited app repository

Unlike android’s play store, Apple’s app store does not have a vast number of apps. iPhone supports apps that are only in-app store. It does not support apps from third-party sites. To do so the user has to rip the phone’s software apart. This is not good for security and phone health.

3.Lack of flexibility

iPhone does not have the flexibility with other devices that android provides. To connect an iPhone to laptops other than MacBook, the user has to go through a lot of complex processes. iPhones are good when it comes to interaction with apple devices. But being flexible in the tech market makes the product better.

4.Relatively higher price

As apple is known for premium smartphones all over the globe, apple launches there phone relatively higher prices than other premium smartphone companies. Apple has also a price hike due to an increase in the basic customs duty (BCD) rate in budget 2020. In India, the price of an iPhone is 20% to 30% more than other regions (European and American states).

5.iOS is not customizable

Apple comes with its own operating system known as iOS. It is user friendly and simple, but when it comes to customization users can’t customize anything on iOS. You can’t install a launcher, not even a skin, which is not that good as a user experience.

6.Not having a headphone jack

From iPhone 7 Apple has removed headphone jack completely from all of their devices. This is their step to go truly wireless, but many premium end and good headphones come with 3.5mm headphone jack. Those can’t be connected to an iPhone, to connect them either you have to use an adapter end up buying wireless headphones.

7. Customer service in India

Apple does not have a retail store in India, therefore all the phones come from local retailers or online websites. This increases the price of the phone by 5%. And the risk of getting a clone also increases. Any damage that happened to the phone can’t be resolved in the country by Apple services. You have to contact local shops which invalid the warranty of the phone.


Rushikesh Tayade