SIR ALEX CHAPMAN FERGUSON is widely considered as the Greatest Manager of All Time. He is known for his career associated with Manchester United 1986-2013. Sir Alex was the head coach of Manchester united for 27 years which also saw him being the most successful manager in the Premier league, winning a whopping 13 Premier league titles. He won Five FA cups. He made Manchester united a force to reckon, a team which was unstoppable and that would never give up until the final whistle. The many last minute clutch goals and comebacks were given the name ‘FERGIE TIME’. Man Utd won the UEFA champions league in 1998 and 2008. SIR ALEX FERGUSON is also the manager with the most trophies ever won with a tally of 51 trophies.


‘Your childhood was a lie if you didn’t think Arsenal was named after Arsene’. Arsene Wenger is a french football manager and player and highly associated with the football club Arsenal. He was the manager of arsenal from 1996-2018. Wenger changed the face of Arsenal staying with them over two decades and not just winning trophies but also overseeing the growth and development of the club. In his time he won 3 premier leagues and 7 FA cups. In 2003-04 season saw arsenal winning the Premier league without losing a single game in the 38 match league, infamously known as THE INVINCIBLES.


The German coach well known for his bonding with his players, the club and most importantly the fans. He brings around with him a sense of togetherness by being a great man manager in the dressing room to being among the fans favorite of the club. Jurgen Klopp began his managerial career with Mianz in Germany. He went on to be the head coach of Borussia Dortmund from 2008-2014 achieving success with consecutive league titles and reaching a champions league final. Liverpool came calling for him in 2015 and he accepted a move to England. His initial years at Liverpool saw him losing two finals and the pressure of not winning the premier league. Under his influence Liverpool went on to become a powerhouse in the European football by winning the champions league final in 2019. Jurgen Klopp will go down in the Liverpool history as the manager who made the dream of Liverpool fans of winning the Premier league a reality after 30 long years of wait. This puts Jurgen Klopp the finest football managers in recent years.


Greatly known for the Pep philosophy or the Gaurdiola style of playing beautiful football. Pep was a player of Johan Cryuff’s dream team which won the clubs first champions league in 1992. He is known to have his own style of playing simple yet beautiful football. Also known to have built the greatest Barcelona team of all time from 2008 to 2012. His teams thrive on the cryuff philosophy and tiki-taka football. He won 2 champions leagues in his time with Barcelona. In 2013 he shifted to Bayern munich winning domestic titles. Currently with Manchester city he managed to win the Premier league twice.


The current Tottenham hotspurs manager also well known as the “SPECIAL ONE” . Jose Mourinho is manager that simply loves the game of football irrespective of him being controversial and not liked by the media, Jose has a reputation of delivering wherever he goes. He is a manager who gets the best out of the tools he has. His managerial career goes on with teams like Benfica, Porto, Chelsea, Internazionale Milano Real Madrid, Manchester united and Tottenham hotspur. He won champions league with Porto and Internazionale Milano also winning league titles in Spain, Portugal and England. His Real Madrid side in 2012 won the league with a record maximum points and 122 goals (the most in the history of the league). His years with Chelsea saw him a lot of success. He didn’t flourish greatly with Manchester united but did win them the Europa league. Currently manages Tottenham who hope that he helps them win a trophy for the very first time in their history.


Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian manager and has managed many teams in his managerial career namely Juventus, Parma, Milan, real Madrid, Paris St.Germain, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Everton (current). One of the few managers to have won the champions league 3 times. Twice with Milan and the famous La decimal with Madrid. He also won domestic titles in Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Ancelotti is a tactical manager who thrives on building systems within the gameplay of the team and usually known to balance offense and defence.


Zinedine Zidane also regarded as one of the greatest players to ever grace the football field was called into fill the managerial boots of a shaky Real Madrid side in the winter of 2016. Zidane was a manager for Madrid’s castilla side. He also was the assistant manager of Carlo Ancelotti in the 2014 La decima triumph. There were questions if zizou could stable this struggling Madrid side. He is considered to be a great man manager who could very well maintain the star studded Madrid dressing room. Many would argue that how could he be up there in the list of greatest managers but his records state it all. Winning 3 consecutive champions league ( the only team ever to defend the title) and averaging a trophy every 19 games with Real Madrid.