1. SpaceX To Launch Crewed Starship Flight

Elon Musk’s ‘SpaceX’ is successful in sending astronauts in space this year. Yet Musk aims to make next generation rockets. He is focusing on making rockets which could take 100 people at a time on missions to moon or mars. This plan has faced many dramatical setbacks yet he has made SpaceX his top priority. It is designed to carry 100 metric tons to our orbit. It is going to be the world’s heaviest vehicle to be launched in space. Big reason for launching this vehicle is for interplanetary transportation as colonization on other planets like mars would require carrying cargo and people at the same time. It has a heat shield which protects from excess heat as the temperature on planets like mars would very high.

2. NASA Mars Rover Launches Toward Mars

NASA is launching its Mars rover on Mars this year on July 30. The rocket will take off at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. It said to land on 18th of February, 2021 on Jerezo crater on Mars. Its main mission is to find about ancient life on mars and collect rock samples and soil. This rover is about 10 feet long, 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall and weighs 1025 kilograms. This rover will also test robotics and human missions on mars. It will also test many features such as navigation system to avoid dangerous terrains and sensors to collect data. It contains advanced key hardware’s such as ‘Mastcam’ and ‘Supercam’ to capture high definition pictures as well as ground penetrating radars.

3.Roscosmos Begins Offering Space Tours

Roscosmos to send two tourists to space station by 2023 where one of them will spacewalk. They will send through ‘Soyuz’ space craft, when they reach there, one of the tourists will be allowed to spacewalk with the help of an experienced cosmonaut. Only wealthy customers will get the chance to experience this ride. Roscosmos has been working with ‘US SPACE ADVENTURES’ to make spaceflights. Roscosmos has been able to send 7 private citizens before with the help of this company, later they stopped this idea and helped NASA by launching ‘Soyuz’ as a space shuttle to take people and bring them back from space stations. Their last trip was in 2009. But now they are bringing this concept again and this time they have brought this new idea of space walking as well.

4.NASA's Artemis Mission To The Moon (2024)

Artemis, formerly known as ‘Exploration Mission 1’ will be sent in space in 2024. this mission is one of the deep space exploration missions to provide a foundation for human existence on moon and beyond. This flight will be uncrewed as it comes under complex missions of NASA. This vehicle will be launched on the most powerful rocket ever made and is set to travel 2,80,000 miles from earth. Artemis manager Mike Sarafin says that this vehicle will remain longer in space than any other vehicle ever made and will travel without docking to the space station. Once it reaches moon it will travel around the moon and gain trajectory for several days from there the rocket will use moons gravitational force to travel 40,000 miles deep into the space.

5.The Extremely Large Telescope Fires Up (2025)

Extremely large telescopes have been considered as top most priorities all over the world. ESO has been working on these big telescopes since 2005. They finally got the approval in 2012 and started its construction in 2014. This telescope will help scientists in astrophysical studies, studying about stars as well as planets nearby. ESO has this telescope as ‘ELT’ (Extremely large Telescope). It will be having a 39-meter big main mirror and will be the largest infrared optical telescope in the world. This telescope would surely revolutionize our perception towards space more than Galileo experienced 400 years ago.

6.SpaceX 's First Moon Tourism Trip

Japanese fashion tycoon and ZOZO an online company owner Mr. Yasuka Maezawa announced at a company’s event at los Angeles that we would be going to the moon. Elon Musk agreed to his wish and his team has started making the rocket. Mr. Maezawa has paid 10 million dollars for this trip which is almost the price for starlink rocket yet both Mr. Musk and Mr. Maezawa have not revealed the actual price. the rocket will launch in 2023. Mr. Maezawa will be carrying some of his favorite artists with him on the ship. He will not be landing on the moon as it’s only a return trajectory trip. Mr. Musk said that the tickets price would be a huge contribution to this project.

7. NASA'S DragonFly Mission to Titan

NASA is ready to explore one of the most unique and richly organic planet named ‘TITAN’. Its main purpose is to explore this planet and find out about various resources present on it as well evidence about life that once existed 10 thousand years ago. Dragon fly will launch in 2026 and arrive in 2034. NASA ‘s Dragon fly is the first multi rotor vehicle. it has 8 different rotors and flies like a drone. its designed in such a way that it will take titans dense atmosphere to travel through the planet. It will fly for 2.7 years on titan and during this exploration it will come across many organic dunes, liquid water and complex organic material.


Chaitanya Toraskar