1. Old Monk Rum

One of India’s iconic dark rum loved by everyone, Old monk was launched in 1954 by Mohan Meakin. It is manufactured in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years, this premium rum has distinct vanilla, chocolate and caramel classy flavour. Old monk is that the 3rd largest selling rum within the planet. It has five variants and sold in size variants. The 1L bottle is in the shape of Old monk’s face. There is no official advertising done by the company, the popularity and sales depend on word of mouth and customers loyalty. Due to achievement of cult status in India, it owns a fan club in Mumbai called COMRADES, founded by Ian Pereira. It stands for Council of Old Monk Rum Addicted Drinkers and Eccentrics. ABV (Alcohol by volume) 42.8%.

2. Magic Moments Vodka

“MAKE EVERY MOMENT A MAGIC MOMENT” So here comes the anytime, anywhere, any season the Magic Moments Vodka, launched in 2006. Produced by one among the oldest and largest manufacturers of IMFL, Radico Khaitan Ltd. and is the flagship product of the company. Magic Moments is triple distilled rice grain gluten-free vodka. This premium vodka is smooth and perfectly blends with your senses with enriched taste and flavour. It has 8 flavours, mainly Remix green apple( India’s top-selling vodka ), Remix orange, Remix chocolate, Remix grapefruit & watermelon, Remix lemon, Remix lemongrass & ginger, Remix cucumber & wild green lemon, Remix raspberry. In 2018, the company brought Jacqueline Fernandez and Kartik Aryan to attract a young audience. Magic Moments has won 35 international awards. ABV 37.5%

3.Amrut Fusion Single malt whisky

Bringing out India’s 1st single malt whisky manufactured by Amrut distilleries. Amrut Fusion was launched in 2009 and is the flagship product of the brand. It has rich and warming delicious note of fresh fruit and vanilla followed by the smoky finish. The brand became famous after whisky connoisseur Jim Murray named Amrut Fusion 3rd best whisky in the world. Also, John Hansell, editor of American magazine Whisky Advocate, wrote that "India's Amrut distillery changed the way many think of Indian whisky – that it was, in the past, just cheap Scotch whisky blended with who knows what and sold as Indian whisky. Amrut is making whisky, and it's very good". A proud moment for Indians at the global level. ABV 50%

4.Bira 91

BIRA 91 is a 1st Indian crafted beer brand manufactured by B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Company’s first brewery unit was located in Belgium and then shifted to India due to MAKE IN INDIA Project. Interestingly, number 91 represents India’s Country Code. It has 5 beers in its portfolio Bira 91 strong, Bira 91 blonde, Bira 91 white, Bira 91 light, Bira 91 Indian pale ale. Its main constituents come from Himalayas, Belgium and Bavarian farms. In less than 3 years, it’s now within the top 25 craft beer brands in the world by sale volume. ABV 4.9% - 7%

5.Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky

Hailing from the tropical shores of Goa, India, comes the Paul John single malts, a golden spirit of brilliance from John distilleries. Earlier in 2012, the company had its manufacturing unit in London then shifted to Goa in 2013 followed by Bangalore in 2015. Ingredients used are Indian malted barley and Scottish peat with a unique blend. Paul John has 10 variants. Whisky features a sweeter taste as a finish. In 2018, Paul John whisky launched the MARS ORBITER. A commemorative expression to honour India’s successful space mission. Paul John has won more than 250 prestigious awards. ABV 46%

6.Greater than London Dry Gin

Never judge this charming Gin by its name. Greater than > the sole London dry gin made in Goa, India by NAO spirits. One of the emerging Gin in the world, it uses some best botanical sources from India. Made in a copper pot still this gin has clean juniper(coniferous trees) and fresh lemon peel on the nose and zing of ginger on the finish. Being India’s 1st and only craft gin was invented in 2015 by 2 bar owners in Delhi when the world was going through a Ginaissance. Also, bartenders use this gin for fire breathing techniques and shows. ABV 42.8%

7. Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards are India’s 1st heritage winery and vineyard located in Nashik, Maharashtra. Sula was founded by Rajeev Samant in 1998 and 1st wines were launched in 2000. Sula is a lovely, lightly sweet, sparkling wine to celebrate every moment. It contains aromas of lemon zest, apples, apricots and pineapple. The grape variety used is of German origin. Some of Sula’s domestic products are red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and dessert wine. Dindori Reserve Shiraz (Red wine) was ranked #25 on “Top 100 Wines of the Year list (2011)”. ABV 8% Also,you can visit to the vineyard and therefore the best time to travel is during harvesting months of January to march. These were some of the liquors that some of us assumed were foreign Brands. Go to the store and grab in these drinks!


Gaurav Kumar