1. As a DIY Highlighter

Swap your highlighter for Vaseline. Take a tiny amount of the petroleum jelly and dab it on all high points of your face. Ta-Daa there you have a very subtle yet luminous shine. This technique gives the face a very natural & dewy look. Follow this method if you’re a “no makeup” makeup kind of person.

2. For preparing DIY colour coordinated makeup

If you are wearing a certain colour eyeshadow and you do not have a matching lip gloss or a blush then no worries if you have Vaseline at home. Take a little bit of that eyeshadow & add it to some Vaseline. Ta-Daa you can use it on your lips as well as cheeks because Vaseline is safe for all skin types.

3.As a Natural Lip Plumper

Our lips are ten times more delicate than our facial skin so its pretty obvious that you don’t want to use chemical cosmetics or lip injections to mess them up. We anyways use Vaseline as a natural lip balm, but now you can use it to plump up your lips! Add a pinch of cinnamon powder to Vaseline, mix well & apply it on your lips. Ta-Daa there you have fuller & juicier lips without much effort.

4.Persistent Scent

Before spraying your perfume, apply some Vaseline on your skin wherever you wish to spray the perfume. This petroleum jelly absorbs & locks in the scent. Ta-Daa your perfume will last much longer than usual.

5.Escalates Hair Condition

Apply to rough dry hair ends to get rid of split ends. Vaseline can be used as a hair serum as well on wet hair just after the hair wash. Apply Vaseline over eyebrows & eyelashes before sleeping. It can help them grow faster & thicker over time. It suits hair of all types like dry hair, oily hair, combination hair etc

6.As a Soft Scrub

Mix Vaseline with abrasive particles such as sea salt, sugar, coffee etc & use the resultant mixture as a body scrub. You’ll notice the changes in your skin from the third or fourth wash itself. It improves the condition of the skin & also reduces wrinkling.

7. As a Face Care

Apply some Vaseline on your facial areas which you think are problematic as it works as a natural primer thereby giving you a canvas finish for it works as a natural primer eyelids before eyeshadow application as it works as an eyeshadow primer resulting in a long-lasting makeup with a slight moist glossy touch. This remedy doesn’t cause irritation to delicate skin. It is even used by doctors while performing eye treatments. You can even use Vaseline as a makeup remover. It even removes waterproof cosmetics.


Isha Kakade