1. Coursera

Coursera is the best online platform to learn and grow or develop new skills. It is an organization made by professors at Stanford. It provides massive open online courses (MOOC), specializations, and degrees. All the courses on Coursera are by top universities in the world and are taught by one of the finest professors. Some of the courses on Coursera also carry college credits which will help one to get their bachelor’s or master’s degree quicker. The thing that makes this course special is the way you are graded. Students are graded on bases of quiz, hands on labs, projects and so on and even doubts are being solved by the instructor himself hence one gets trained by one of the best professors in the world. Coursera has a lot of courses and specializations related to fields like arts, science, computer science, programming etc.

2. edX

edX is a massive open online course. It is an organization which was established by Harvard and MIT. It provides courses from the major institutes in the world. The courses provided by edX give one certificate, nano degrees or even degrees. The thing that edX is different from other courses is its courses at MIT. These courses are based on Math and Computer Science and are the best for a student to start their career in these fields. It has other courses and nano degrees too in the field of art, business, Engineering and Data Science.

3.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best online platforms for students of all ages. It provides the student with a wide variety of subjects from mathematics to finance and history. As it is a growing online platform it regularly adds new subjects and videos. It provides students with several math problems for all ages from basic operations to advanced level calculus. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization which is free for every one. It is a free website which teaches one from basic to advance and can also be used to clear daily school doubts.


Udemy is a website on which one can learn or grow new skills. It is a website where anyone can become an instructor and share their skills. The courses on Udemy are free as well as paid. The paid courses on Udemy are very reasonable. It has courses on literally everything. Be it from cooking to programming. Be it from how to play a game to how to make one of your own, it has courses on everything. Udemy is a great choice if one wishes to learn all its courses are from start to advance. Udemy also provides certificates. Though certificates provided by Udemy are not given by reputed universities, they are still quite valuable.


Codeacademy is the best environment to learn coding. Codeacademy has built its own environment for the learners to code. Codeacademy is an online interactive platform which has courses in 12 different programming languages including Python pandas-Python library, Beautiful Soup-Python Library, Java, Go, JavaScript ,jQuery, AngularJS, React.js, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS. The interactive learning environment helps the learner to learn quicker. It even provides problem statements and helps a user to write code on real life applications.


Alison is a free online platform which mainly focuses on workplace-based skills. It offers more than thousand courses at certificate, diploma, and learning path levels across nine core subject categories. The basic certificate level courses require two to three hours while the diploma courses require a minimum of ten to fifteen hours of study. Even one of its course of fifteen to twenty hours training suite is cited by “The New York Times”. It recently published a course on the ongoing pandemic and translated it into various different languages.

7. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a website that was created by LinkedIn. It provides courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. Almost all the courses are based on real life projects or scenarios. Special thing about this website is that it even has courses or videos on specific skills as required by the learner. After completion of these courses one can get a shareable certificate that could directly be uploaded on one’s LinkedIn profile.


Shruti Biyani