1. Jonathan

Jonathan came into limelight when he finished 4th in the top fraggers list at the PMCO Championship. His extraordinary fragging skills has helped Entity Gaming to win in many games. He also runs a channel called Jonathan Gaming where he not only streams his gameplay, but also uploads tips and tricks on a regular basis. He is a player that any team would like to have in their squad. His M416+6x sprays are mostly talked about. His team has won the PMCO South Asia Finals in 2019 and also the recently conducted PMIS 2020 where he was the MVP.

2. Mortal

If someone made PUBG Mobile popular in India, then most of the credits goes to Naman Mathur aka SOUL Mortal. He first posted videos of his Mini-Militia gameplays and then later started working on PUBG Mobile gameplays. He is the IGL (in-game Leader) and the owner of Team SOUL. His experience in the game has won his team the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, PMCO Finals and his team has represented our country in major tournaments.


2019 was a breakthrough year for this guy when he delivered a jaw dropping performance at the PMIT Grand Finals in Kolkata. He initially played for Team SOUL and later on joined Team TSMEntity as their IGL. His name itself says about his squad clutching skills. Him and his fellow teammate Jonathan helped TSMEntity win the recently conducted PMIS 2020.


It will be a shock, if Tanmay Singh aka Scout is not in the list of the Best Indian PUBG Mobile Players. He had his first LAN victory in 2019 with Team Fnatic, and there has been no stopping this guy ever since. His in-game dominance and rushing skills are always the talk of the town. He regularly streams his gameplays on his Youtube channel. Currently he plays for Team OR (Orange Rock).


Sangwan and his team came to recognition when they not only had 3 consecutive chicken dinners in the PMCO qualifier, but the also won that league. This guy is a bold rusher and an amazing fragger, which has helped his team to secure top spots in major PUBG Mobile tournaments.


Harmandeep Singh aka Maavi is the IGL (in game leader) for Team Orange Rock (OR). He is considered one of the best assaulters from India, and very few competitive players have beaten him in a 1v1 TDM match.

7. Owais

Owais started the year 2019 on a high by not only winning the PMIS but also the PMAS tournament. He represented India with Team SOUL at PMCO Spring 2019 eventually joining team Fnatic after the end of the tournament. He is one of the notable players in the game known for his dedication and professional gameplays. Currently he is the IGL of Team Fnatic.


Chetan Gawale