1. Updated design and refined user interface

alt = UI in MacOS with refined icons and looks Apple has updated the design with the overall refinement of the user interface. Now the menu bar is translucent and blends in with the background wallpaper. Also, the addition of control centre has done which gives quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, brightness sliders, airdrop, etc and it’s customizable. The notification centre has been updated with group notifications which are interactive as well. Apps have added full height sidebar similar to iPad OS 14. Apple has also redesigned its app icons and made them uniform in size and shape.

2. Widgets and energy saver

alt = Different widgets with notification centre User can also add widgets (including third party widgets) in different sizes similar to iOS 14. Big Sur also replaces the energy saver section of system preferences with a new battery section that expands the battery reporting of Mac. There is also a usage history feature which provides details on Mac’s battery life over the course of last 24 hrs to last 10 days which is broken down to battery level and screen on usage.

3.New faster and smoother Safari

Alt= Start page of Safari with new update. In Big Sur Safari has been updated to work even faster and smoother, Apple claims that it is 50% faster than the Google Chrome. A new privacy button has added on the toolbar which can show web trackers and also privacy report from the past 30 days. User can also add privacy report on the start page. Safari also introduced with monitoring password breaches and new password generation for the user. User can set custom background wallpaper to start page and also add extensions like on Google Chrome.

4.Messages in line with iOS and ipadOS version

Alt= New look of Messages on Big Sur Big SUR has received a massive update with messages, using Mac Catalyst to convert the iOS version of messages to a version that runs on the Mac. It has added features like pinned conversations, inline replies, group photos, and mentions. There is also an updated search engine for messages, which makes it easier than ever to search for links, photos, and text.

5.More user friendly maps

Alt= Refined and user friendly update of maps Apple said that the new version of Maps started with the iOS version, which is converted to Mac using a Mac catalyst. Improvements to map will make it more useful for planning trips on the Mac. Maps new Guides give you information about locations on display. This is helpful for travellers. New route planning is available for cyclists and electric vehicles. Other features include indoor maps, look around (shows eye level photography of location), the ability to monitor a person’s commute, estimate time arrival, and congestion zones.

6.Photos and Notes with new features

Alt= Photos app with new features. Photos in macOS Big Sur will have more editing tools. There will be an addition of a vibrant effect, where you can adjust the intensity of filters and portrait lighting. The retouch tool is enhanced with machine learning to make adjustments look better. There are many tools for video editing. To provide more contexts to photos, photos will let users add and edit captions. With the help of iCloud, captions will sync with the iPhone and iPad. Notes have come with new features in Big Sur. Notes app will now pin notes so they always appear at the top of the listing. Users will be able to collapse and expand the list of pinned notes, which is nice. For notes to be more functional, the Big Sur version of notes will have several text styles. Search results in notes will now show top hits to help users find the thing they need.

7. Making their own SoCs for Mac

Alt= All functions which new SoCs will consist At WWDC20 Apple talked about making their own SoCs (System on chip) for Mac as well. As Apple has been importing chips from Intel from the beginning they have stated that this time it will be different. These SoCs will be the world's most energy-efficient chips which will give a Mac higher level of performance. This will include many custom technologies that will integrate with Apple software and will give a better and smoother user experience. Some of the important references are advanced power management, secure enclave, high-performance GPU, neural engines, machine learning accelerators, etc.


Rushikesh Tayade