TOP 7 Applications of AI

1. Health sector

Artificial intelligence simplifies the lives of patients, doctors and hospital administrators by performing tasks that are typically done by humans, but in less time and at a fraction of the cost. Artificial Intelligence based Healthcare is one of the world’s highest growing industries. Creating drugs using Artificial Intelligence is also being used to create new drugs for various diseases

2. Space Exploration

Space is the area where almost all the developed countries are trying to explore and exploring this area can only be possible using AI. AI plays a vital role in any space exploration. Be in the mars rover or be it a normal launch of a satellite. AI makes the work easy and helps the scientist and engineer focus on the data rather than working on the paths or other such things that can cause interruption in the mission.

3.Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving cars is one of the biggest emerging fields in the field of technology which is only possible using AI. It is done using sensors and cameras and a bunch of code which make A car or any such vehicle automatic that is a vehicle that drives on its own without human control. AI has been able to make this dream come true.


Nowadays AI is also being used in defence sectors. There are various missiles that autoblock to the enemy's tanks, ships or aircrafts. A new artillery robot for defence is being built that could substitute human soldiers. Boston Dynamics is one of the companies who has already created such robots who could scan and kill enemies without harming any civilians.


Personalizing a customer's shopping experience is the latest motto of tech companies. The AI powered algorithms suggest one a list of buying recommendations. They collect data from users recently searched items and then generate a list of possible items that one might be interested in buying. Through this personalization, you get relevant products to choose from, and your buying experience becomes far smoother.


Chatbots are widely being used nowadays. It is another top Artificial intelligence-based application. Almost all the apps which are being used daily have a chatbot to help the customer. These chatbots are used so that the number of call centres can be reduced, and users' query is sorted quickly. Chatbots are not limited to chatting. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and IBM Watson are a few examples of Chatbot who even communicates with users in vocal form.

7. Robotics

Robotics is the major reason for Artificial intelligence for gaining so much popularity. The dream of treating an Artificial intelligence-based robot who could walk, talk and do almost all the things that a human does. There are various such robotic projects that have been prebuild such as a machine who can perform surgery, robots who can talk, walk, lift small objects and so on. One of the major examples for these is Sofia, an Artificial intelligence-based robot who has become the first robot to get citizenship of a country.